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-052) Saba c 120 - Colour 0511

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Saba c 120. 100% Polyester.

Saba - The high-quality sewing thread for everyday use. Made in Germany by Amann.

This highly durable 100% polyester corespun thread features best sewing properties and seam quality.

Its high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, thread purity, smooth gliding performance, high thermal resistance and its well-balanced elasticity guarantees easy use and best results.

Due to its well-balanced construction, Saba runs well in every application - from manual high-speed sewing on high-speed machines to high-tech sewing automates - Saba proves to be a real all-round talent.

Saba c 120 is the universal sewing thread for women's wear, men's fashion, swimwear, underwear, knitwear and fabrics with the tendancy to pucker and for all sewing automate applications in shirt, blouse and dress production, and for all overlock seams.
Also for making bed-linen, curtains and drapes.
It is also suitable for all overedging seams and quilting.
Thread colours have been scanned and may vary slightly to picture displayed on your computer monitor.

* 1,000mt cop

* Colour 0511
-052) Saba c 120 - Colour 0511