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(270A) Rasant 120 - Colour 1976

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Rasant 120, core-spun polyester/cotton.
Rasant's polyester core and cotton covering makes it outstandingly efficient.
Rasant is a functional sewing thread with a wide variety of uses.
Main fields of application are: Skirts, dresses, blouses and shirts, underwear, swimwear, jersey and knitwear. It is also suitable for making bedclothes, curtains, and for overedging seams.

Quilters like to use this thread.

Recommended needle size NM 70-80.

Thread colours may vary slightly to picture displayed on your computer monitor.
Threads have been scanned but they still do not show up as the true colours the only way to accurately choose the colours is with an 'actual thread colour chart'.
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* 1,000m cop

* Colour 1976
(270A) Rasant 120 - Colour 1976