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)372) Isacord - Colour 0112 LEADVILLE

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Isacord 40.

* 0112 Leadville

Isacord is the universal machine embroidery thread for a wide range of applications. Produced from high-sheen top quality triglobal polyester, this thread combines sheen and softness with high tensile strength and colour fastness.

High tensile strength guarantees excellent efficiency for high speed machines.

Smooth thread takeoff and maximum productivity.

Top colour fastness.

The high abrasion resistance of Isacord gives your embroidery an extremely long life.

The 'Snap Down' base and kingspool design prevents thread loss and easy storage.

Isacord is not only very fast against light, boiling and washing, but also against rubbing and chlorine.

Thread colours may vary slightly to picture displayed on your computer monitor.
Threads have been scanned but they still do not show up as the true colours the only way to accurately choose the colours is with an 'actual thread colour chart'.(Listed on page 1)

* 1,000mt spool
)372) Isacord - Colour 0112 LEADVILLE