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Sewing Selections

Easy Fix Iron-On Adhesive

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Easy Fix, simple 2 step double sided  iron-on adhesive.

Fabrics are bonded together by simply ironing!

Step 1. Heat
* Pre-heat Dry iron to wool setting
* Draw desired shape onto backing paper
* Lay Easy Fix paper side up on the wrong side of material
* Guide iron evenly across paper side of fabric for approx 2-3 seconds
* Leave to cool
* Cut out desired shape

Step 2. Seal
* Peel off paper backing
* Place material adhesive side down in position on the main fabric
* Guide iron evenly across for 10 seconds (longer time when fusing thicker or heavier materials)
* Lay fused parts flat and allow to cool for about 20 minutes.
Ideal for applique and craft.

Suitable for:

* Sold per metre, 30cm wide.
Easy Fix Iron-On Adhesive