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Reynolds Freezer Paper 15mt

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Reynolds Freezer Paper, plastic coated.

Great for craft.
* Protect work surfaces: paints, markers
   and glue won't soak through.
* Use as a paint palette or to practice
   decorative painting.
* Cover schoolbooks: personalize with
   stickers of drawings.
* Make non-slip stencils. Temporarily
   adhere the plastic side to fabric with a hot
   dry iron. Peel off stencil when paint dries.

Easy Quilt Appliques.
* Create templates to reduce time in quilting
   piecing or appliqueing.

Everyday, everywhere uses.
* Wrap packages.
* Make a disposable tablecloth for picnics
   or barbecues.
* Line shelves and drawers.
* To catch spills in refrigerator drawers or

Reynolds Freezer Paper is so versatile; it's
functional and fun.

* Roll size 15.2m x 457mm
* 75 Square Feet
Reynolds Freezer Paper 15mt